• Lime!

    Here in southern Costa Blanca we have a very hard and chalky water. The water contains about 20 German degrees of hardness (ie).

    The lime settles in hot water heaters, pipes, coffee makers, kettles, washing and dishwashers not to mention how all mixers look! A 2mm lime coating on heating surfaces, e.g. a hot water heater can increase energy consumption by 20% and of course it also shortens its service life.

    We extends the life of everything that handles water in your home by two different techniques -  Electrostatic force field or a fully automatic Curing filter!

Decalcifying with Aqua 2000

Environmentally friendly

It is completely environmentally friendly and has a very low power consumption.

Electrostatic force field

We mount the lime solver on the incoming water pipe. Via an electrostatic force field, the lime particles are crushed and discharged into the wastewater.

CE certified

CE certified and has all the approvals required within the EU.

Water softening with BWT/Cilit

BWT / CILT Heatsun fully automatic curing filter with intelligent volume control

A day with soft water begins with the morning shower. Everyone who feels the silky water against the skin wants to experience this feeling of well-being. With soft water, you can turn your bathroom into an oasis. Soft water makes the skin feel noticeably lighter while shiny, silky hair further enhances your well-being. The luxurious feeling continues as you step out of the shower and take in your soft towels and bathrobes that have been washed in the soft water of your washing machine.

If you want your household water to feel soft like summer rain, install a softening filter from BWT.

Summary of the benefits
  • The refreshing feeling of soft water in the shower or bath
  • Noticeably softer and shiny silky hair.
  • Soft and fluffy laundry
  • Reduction of lime deposits on luminaires, tiles and in pipelines
  • Prolonged service life of household appliances
  • Up to 50% reduced consumption of detergents and cleaning agents
  • Lower energy costs